Finished all the designs for our manifesto!

We have finished all ten designs of our manifesto. The one you see below is the final one.

In the first post about our manifesto we introduced ten statements that form the 'guidelines' of No Ordinary Tales.

1. I want to be hugged by the sun…… everyday.
2. It's okay to be distracted by your dog.
3. Distraction is the best way to find focus.
4. I was raised in Dreamland.
5. The most important belief is to believe in yourself.
6. Take your eyes off the screen and look around.
7. Enjoy the nostalgia surrounding you.
8. Me and my camera love a cloudy day.
9. Imagination is also for grown ups.
10. The best way to wrap a message is a light-hearted package.

And here are all the designs: