Nieuwe HUG a BAGs!

Zoals we een tijdje geleden al op Instagram hadden vermeld, hebben we inmiddels drie HUG a BAGs verkocht. 
Na het zoeken naar mooie knuffels (wat best wel een taak is) hebben we nu weer vijf nieuwe HUG a BAGs!
Deze zijn allemaal verkrijgbaar in onze etsyshop.
Als je nog vragen hebt over deze tassen of graag nog meer foto's wilt zien laat het ons weten.

Like we have already said on Instagram, we have sold three HUG a BAGs. After finding new and cute cuddly toys, we have made five new HUG a BAGs!
These are all available in our etsy shop.
If you have any questions about these bags or if you would want to see more pictures, please ask us.


Introducing; HUG a BAG

This week we want to show you the designs we now have for HUG a BAG.
All bags are handmade by us and all the cuddly toys were saved from second hand stores.


Once your best friend, now your favorite bag!

In the previous posts about cuddly toys we told you about dismissed cuddly toys in second hand stores, we showed you the cuddly toys we had when we were young and finally the ones we still have.

Seeing the dismissed toys and the bond we still have with our own cuddly toys gave me the idea to give them a new life.
This post shows you a preview of the final product. This will also be the first product of No Ordinary Tales called "HUG a BAG".

HUG a BAG transforms your favorite cuddly toy into a stylish and practical object, a bag.
This way you and your cuddly toy have many more years to build new memories


Next week you will see the final product HUG a BAG!