My dog wears it better than me #22

A new week, a new look. After all the scarfs, hats and jewelry Floris had to wear, we are, for now, staying with a male and sophisticated look. No question about it if he pulls it off!

My dog wears it better than me #21

What if Floris was a working man.. The end of his day would look like this!

From your best friend to just a cuddly toy

I often visit a second hand store to get inspired or to find something unique at low cost. But besides all the unique, old, beautiful and sometimes ugly products there is always a corner with the dismissed toys.

Once these where all someones best friend. A day could not go by without them by your side. They had to go everywhere with you. And when it was time to go to sleep this friend always had the best spot in bed, maybe even better than yourself.

We all understand that we can't keep hanging on to all of these friends, and once you get older you feel childish to keep them. I think most of us do hang on to the one that was our favorite. But still it makes me a bit sad to see this.