The adventures of Saga and Haoqi. It's getting cold outside

"Het is maar goed dat we binnen zijn" zei Saga tegen Haoqi. Op deze dag lagen de druppels van de kou binnen tegen het raam. Maar binnen is het gelukkig lekker warm. "Gaan we wel een keer de kou in?" vroeg Haoqi aan Saga. "Natuurlijk, antwoordde Saga, als jij dat graag wilt. Maar dan zullen we ons eerst moeten voorbereiden!"

The adventures of Saga and Haoqi. That's not a dog!

Saga and Haoqi see a cat in Linda her room, they don't understand what that cat is doing in their personal space. What they don't know, is that it is a photograph of a cat sitting on a window sill. A new project of No Ordinary Tales. Luckily they are not afraid of cats, because they will see a lot more!

Introducing; HUG a BAG

This week we want to show you the designs we now have for HUG a BAG.
All bags are handmade by us and all the cuddly toys were saved from second hand stores.


Once your best friend, now your favorite bag!

In the previous posts about cuddly toys we told you about dismissed cuddly toys in second hand stores, we showed you the cuddly toys we had when we were young and finally the ones we still have.

Seeing the dismissed toys and the bond we still have with our own cuddly toys gave me the idea to give them a new life.
This post shows you a preview of the final product. This will also be the first product of No Ordinary Tales called "HUG a BAG".

HUG a BAG transforms your favorite cuddly toy into a stylish and practical object, a bag.
This way you and your cuddly toy have many more years to build new memories


Next week you will see the final product HUG a BAG!


Some of our old friends

Here are some photos of us when we where young with a lot of our best friends. And we have to admit that from all of these and many more Astrid has two left and Linda only one. But those are the ones that we will keep our whole life. It's not realistic to keep all of the cuddly toys that you ever had. So it would be nice to honour them, to make sure they're still seen and not just by the people whom walk past them in a second hand store.





From your best friend to just a cuddly toy

I often visit a second hand store to get inspired or to find something unique at low cost. But besides all the unique, old, beautiful and sometimes ugly products there is always a corner with the dismissed toys.

Once these where all someones best friend. A day could not go by without them by your side. They had to go everywhere with you. And when it was time to go to sleep this friend always had the best spot in bed, maybe even better than yourself.

We all understand that we can't keep hanging on to all of these friends, and once you get older you feel childish to keep them. I think most of us do hang on to the one that was our favorite. But still it makes me a bit sad to see this.