The adventures of Saga and Haoqi. Going on a trip!

Vandaag is het zo ver! Saga en Haoqi gaan op reis. Per zachte nopjes envelop zullen ze kilometers af gaan leggen naar hun nieuwe thuis, bij Astrid, waar ze verder gaan met hun grote avontuur. Dus vanaf volgende week zaterdag elke week een foto van Saga en Haoqi bij Astrid!

Today is the day! Saga and Haoqi are going on a trip to Astrids home. There they will go further with their adventures. So, from Saturday in a week you will, every week, see a picture of Saga and Haoqi in Astrids house!

Daydreaming... a photoseries

Soms kijk ik eens rond in mijn huis en ontdek ik allerlei leuke producten waarvan ik niet eens meer wist dat ik ze had.
Ditmaal raakte ik daar zo gefascineerd door dat ik er een fotoserie mee ben gaan maken. Die je altijd kan terugvinden op onze site onder WORK.

The adventures of Saga and Haoqi. On the lookout

Saga and Haoqi heard us talking about something we saw outside, and curious as they are they started searching for what we saw. And they found it, a beautiful bird.

My dog wears it better than me #26

This week Floris is preparing for winter. He just kept trying different hats and caps, but this one is the one he liked most. Just let the cold weather come, because Floris is prepared!

My dog wears it better than me #25

What if Floris was a wealthy dog... He would wear a fox around his neck during big parties and diners. This is what he would look like, and just look at his face! He knows this is who he wants to be ;)

The adventures of Saga and Haoqi. That's not a dog!

Saga and Haoqi see a cat in Linda her room, they don't understand what that cat is doing in their personal space. What they don't know, is that it is a photograph of a cat sitting on a window sill. A new project of No Ordinary Tales. Luckily they are not afraid of cats, because they will see a lot more!

The adventures of Saga and Haoqi. Making a mess

Today Saga and Haoqi were back on Linda's desk. There they admired all the papers with black images on them. Saga explained to Haoqi that those are words and that words are made up of letters. And if you put several words together you get a sentence. Then Saga explained that because they are drawn by hand it's called hand lettering. And that is what Astrid and Linda use a lot in their work.