Typographic posters

Een jaar geleden begonnen wij met ons avontuur dat No Ordinary Tales heet en al meteen hadden wij een idee over typografische posters. Deze typografische posters moesten dan ook een weerspiegeling zijn van waar wij bij No Ordinary Tales voor staan. Allereerst hadden we een manifesto gemaakt, ben je benieuwd kijk dan even hier.

Nu presenteren wij jullie zeven van de tien ontworpen posters, die vanaf nu in onze webshop staan. Van elke variant zijn er drie kleuren: wit, turquoise en grijs. Hieronder staan er drie en je kunt ze alle zeven zien en kopen in onze webshop!

A year ago we've started our adventure, No Ordinary Tales, and as soon as we started we had the idea of creating our own typographic posters. The typographic posters had to be a reflection of who we are and where we stand for, so we started with our own manifesto. If you are curious click here.

Today we present seven of our ten posters which you can find in our webshop. Of every poster there are three colors: white, turquiose and gray. Below you can see three of our designed posters, all seven posters you can see and buy in our webshop!

Still busy with hand lettering designs!

Last week we looked back on our Manifesto and how all the designs looked. It's been a while since we designed some of them, and we realised we can do a lot better on some. So below are two new designs. These two almost complete the ten. Only one to go!

Manifesto update

As you know we made ten illustrated typographic designs that form our manifesto. We know that we want to screen print them, because it gives us more options with colour and paper. But untill it's time to screen print, we're first trying out how these designs look in a frame. And with the first two we're very happy!

New hand lettering designs!

Today we wanted to show two new hand lettering designs that are now ready to be digitized. Both are part of our manifesto. And will be featured on posters and cards.


It's friday, so it's Handlettering-day!

In the last weeks we worked out some sketches to these finished designs. We are going to use these on cards, posters or bags. Two of the designs below ar part of our manifesto and the Dear Deer is just some fun design Linda came up with. This handlettering is really great to do!