Quote: I was raised in dreamland

Deze week een quote die we al even hebben. 'I was raised in dreamland' is onderdeel van ons manifesto. We bieden deze als poster aan in onze webshop! Je kunt deze bestellen in turquoise, wit en grijs.

Inspiration: walk around de Kraaijenbergse Plassen

Een mooie, zonnige en koude zondag maakt het altijd tijd voor een inspirerende wandeling. Zo'n zondag was het ook begin januari, dus warm aangekleed en Floris in de startblokken startten wij onze wandeling bij de Kraaijenbergse Plassen in Linden (Noord Brabant). 

Velen die in Cuijk en omgeving wonen kennen de Kraaijenbergse Plassen als de zwemplek om op warme dagen een frisse duik te nemen. Maar in de afgelopen jaren is er veel bijgekomen, en zijn er nu in totaal 9 plassen te vinden. Met een totaal aan 15,5 km aan wandelpaden weet je zeker dat je een goede wandeling kan maken, en natuurlijk voor de liefhebbers ook kan fietsen.

Mocht je benieuwd zijn geworden en woon je niet zo ver van Linden af kijk dan eens op www.kraaijenbergseplassen.nl en zie wat je er nog allemaal meer kan beleven!

A nice, sunny cold winterday is always a good time for an inspiring walk. Begin January was it time to take this walk. We dressed up warm, and took Floris for our walk to the Kaaijenbergse Plassen in Linden (Noord Brabant).

Tijdens onze wandeling zagen we ook nog wat schapen, altijd coole beesten! En natuurlijk mag Floris ook niet gemist worden! 

The adventures of Saga and Haoqi. On the lookout

Saga and Haoqi heard us talking about something we saw outside, and curious as they are they started searching for what we saw. And they found it, a beautiful bird.

My dog wears it better than me #26

This week Floris is preparing for winter. He just kept trying different hats and caps, but this one is the one he liked most. Just let the cold weather come, because Floris is prepared!

My dog wears it better than me #25

What if Floris was a wealthy dog... He would wear a fox around his neck during big parties and diners. This is what he would look like, and just look at his face! He knows this is who he wants to be ;)

The adventures of Saga and Haoqi. From me to you

Last week Saga explained to Haoqi what words are. Since then Haoqi wanted to learn everyting about words and sentences. Here Haoqi picked out one of Linda's designs for Saga.

Instagram Update nr 22

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The adventures of Saga and Haoqi. Making a mess

Today Saga and Haoqi were back on Linda's desk. There they admired all the papers with black images on them. Saga explained to Haoqi that those are words and that words are made up of letters. And if you put several words together you get a sentence. Then Saga explained that because they are drawn by hand it's called hand lettering. And that is what Astrid and Linda use a lot in their work.

Instagram Update nr 21

Here are our Instagram photos from last week. It was a week in which a lot of new ideas came to us! We will show them to you soon.

Perfect place for inspiration

Once a year we visit the Efteling. An amusement park in Kaatsheuvel, the Netherlands. It's  the perfect place to get away from reality and be inspired. Once you go through the gates at the entrance you enter a fairytale dreamworld. And there you'll stay untill you leave at night, but the feeling doesn't just disappear while you're in your car with all the songs and tunes playing in your head.