My dog wears it better than me #37

Wanneer er in de familie vaak van kapsel wordt veranderd, is dat niet leuk voor Floris die altijd maar hetzelfde haar houdt. Oke, af en toe een vlekje meer of minder, maar echt een nieuw model zit er niet in. 
Daarom deze week voor Floris een klein haarstukje van wat nep bont. Zoals altijd staat het hem weer geweldig! 

In our family we often change our hairstyle. And you can imagine that it is not fun for Floris, who always wears the same hairstyle. So we decided that this week Floris can wear his own hairpiece, made from some fake fur. And you can say that it looks great!


My dog wears it better than me #30

Wow we can't believe that it is week 30 already! 30 weeks of Floris dressing up in the most wonderful and funny outfits.

For week 30 we have a very cool hat, he looks so manly and tough wearing it!

My dog wears it better than me #23

This week we're portraying exactly how Floris feels every day, like a royal. And that's not weird because he gets treated like a king. We are so fortunate that Floris just keeps on shining!

My dog wears it better than me #22

A new week, a new look. After all the scarfs, hats and jewelry Floris had to wear, we are, for now, staying with a male and sophisticated look. No question about it if he pulls it off!

My dog wears it better than me #21

What if Floris was a working man.. The end of his day would look like this!

The adventures of Saga and Haoqi.

Today Saga and Haoqi went on a new adventure. While walking across a table Saga and Haoqi unknowingly got separated by something big and unexplainable. They just could not figure out how they got separated while still seeing each other. Saga and Haoqi explored and admired the object for quite some time and had a lot of fun doing so.


My dog wears it better than me #20

This week Floris is wearing a faux fur hat that is way to big for him, but he made it work!
There is also another photo of Floris wearing this hat, but we've decided to share that photo on Instagram and Facebook, so if you are curious take a look here or here.

The adventures of Saga and Haoqi. Who's this guy?

While cleaning out some cupboards Linda found a couple of figurines she collected for her study and placed them all on the cupboard. Saga and Haoqi found this one especially interesting because they're both dogs!