The adventures of Saga and Haoqi.

Deze week zijn Saga en Haoqi op wonderlijke wijze op mijn garen beland. Haoqi staat zo hoog dat er van af komen niet meer lukt. Saga is druk aan het bedenken hoe Haoqi er vanaf kan komen. Door de gouden draad neer te gooien is er een trapje gemaakt, nu kunnen ze er rustig vanaf stappen!

The adventures of Saga and Haoqi. From me to you

Last week Saga explained to Haoqi what words are. Since then Haoqi wanted to learn everyting about words and sentences. Here Haoqi picked out one of Linda's designs for Saga.

The adventures of Saga and Haoqi.

Today Saga and Haoqi went on a new adventure. While walking across a table Saga and Haoqi unknowingly got separated by something big and unexplainable. They just could not figure out how they got separated while still seeing each other. Saga and Haoqi explored and admired the object for quite some time and had a lot of fun doing so.


Instagram Update nr 19

Another week in which we've been busy on Instagram. It's an amazing place to show all our inspirations en get inspired!

The adventures of Saga and Haoqi. Enjoying the weather.

Today Saga and Haoqi finally arrived at the open door to the balcony after a long walk. Here they could enjoy the lovely weather. I think they are going to spend a lot more time there.