New: hand lettered notebook

Hoe leuk is dit? Een eerste in opdracht van Elia. Een vriendin van Linda die graag haar notebook mooier gemaakt wilde hebben, nou laat dit maar aan Linda over! Kijk de foto en zie hoe leuk het geworden is. Heb jij iets waarvan je denkt daar wil ik iets moois opgeschreven hebben, stuur ons dan een berichtje!

How fun is this? A personalized diary Linda made for her roommate. If you want to have something personalized with hand lettering let us know in a message!


Manifesto update

As you know we made ten illustrated typographic designs that form our manifesto. We know that we want to screen print them, because it gives us more options with colour and paper. But untill it's time to screen print, we're first trying out how these designs look in a frame. And with the first two we're very happy!

Manifesto in the making

The last couple of weeks we've been working hard on designing our Manifesto. The Manifesto consists of ten "guidelines" that we live by and want to bring into the world so everyone can apply them in life.
Every guideline is hand lettered by us and here you can see a couple that are close to the end result. We're still figuring out what will be the best way to showcase them. But for now we're very happy with how it looks so far!

It's friday, so it's Handlettering-day!

In the last weeks we worked out some sketches to these finished designs. We are going to use these on cards, posters or bags. Two of the designs below ar part of our manifesto and the Dear Deer is just some fun design Linda came up with. This handlettering is really great to do!